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Just For Gentlemen

Every treatment and service I offer can be customized for my gentlemen clientele

Custom facial service for men.  Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, facial massage, hair removal from ear lobes exterior auricular area and brow trim.  Followed by a custom mask and finished with a warm scented towel wrap and hydration $60.00.
You don't do complicated skin care, just give you the basics.  What are the quick and simple basics I should be doing every day?
First recommendation... NO regular bar soaps on your face! Detergents in most bar soaps strip your skin of vital oils, water and nutrients.  These may make your face feel clean, but they are drying your skin and can cause premature aging evidenced by wrinkles. No need to make things complicated at all. Keep it simple—all you need is a good 
facial cleanser and moisturizer.
My skin seems to change with the seasons. What should I do when my face is dry or oily? Face scrubs contain an abrasive ingredient to assist in removing a layer of dead skin cells and allow newer, living cells to show through the surface. The healthier skin cells make you look more healthy and youthful in appearance. Scrubs should be used 2-3 times per week. This step can even help get you a closer, cleaner shave and help keep ingrown facial hairs at a minimum.
Here in the high desert West a man's skin changes throughout the year as it reacts to hot and dry and cold and drier weather. Consult a skincare expert (like me!) who will examine your skin and give you a simple custom skin care regime to follow. Examples: For dryer skin, lean towards creamy type cleansers and rich moisturizers. For oilier skin types reach for liquid cleansers and oil-free moisturizers.

Face Scrub vs. Face Wash. Do I need both?
Yes,  You need to knock off those stuck dead cells to kick start new cell growth.  

face wash cleanses the skin of excess dirt and oils. It's a much gentler process and should be done twice per day. My time-saving and results oriented professional tip for you: combine an amount of each to be applied simultaneously to your face, in the morning, depending on your skin type.

What's Toner for (besides for my printer)?
Facial toner is a liquid that brings your skin back to an optimal pH level, and protects against bacteria by shrinking the skin pores. Toner also removes the schmutzy stuff like soap residue, dead cells and excess oil.  It also helps create a moisture barrier under your after shave balm and sunscreen.  Plus, smaller pores make the skin a more formidable barrier against bacteria. If you have acne prone skin may obtain a positive result by regularly using a toner.
Waxing services for gentlemen only:
O.K. you want to look your best.  Wax out that ear lobe and ear canal hair.  Easy Peazy, Quick and painless (OK, honestly, maybe not the first time but it gets less sensitive after you do it a few times) And those eyebrows?  Let's trim and shape them into a manageable clean MASCULINE  line, well-groomed is hunky.

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