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Please call me to schedule your appointment.  Cash or checks only.  I no longer accept debit or credit cards.  Thank You 

Thank-you to more than 1500 clients from Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, the Bay, across the USA,  the U.K. (!), the U.S. Virgin Islands, Susanville, Truckee, India, Pakistan, Australia, and the Philippines. You've made Great Skin by Cyn an "International" small business success.

For the foreseeable future our part of midtown is facing long term construction on roads, infrastructure and building. Please take this into account when coming for your appointment.  The lot across Mt. Rose Street serves Fed Ex and Sports West and always has open spaces.  Thanks for your patience 

Cyn and Maurice
Cyn and Maurice
Welcome to Great Skin by Cyn, Organic Care for Face, Body and Sole

On th corner of Mount Rose St and Tonopah
Inside Cecelia and Company Hair Studio
105 Mount Rose Street 
Downstairs in Suite E
Reno, NV 89509
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*(Closed on the first Saturday of each month)

Hot Rock Reflexology?

1. Combines the benefits of pressure-point  reflexology with smooth warmed basalt stones
2. Deeper and more effective treatment to those 3000+ nerve endings
3. Hot stones provide 5 times the relaxation response for most clients
4. Increases circulation and stimulates nerves and tissue.
5. Far and above the comfort of conventional reflexology.
6. At Great Skin by Cyn, this service is priced the same as conventional reflexology sessions!

Because of a few I have to do this. 
If you are a dreaded "no show/no call" I will charge you a $25 no show fee before you rebook your appointment.  This includes Voucher holders but the amount will not be taken from your voucher.  To avoid this fee all you have to do is call me at least 8 hours before your appointment.  If you've had a serious emergency tell me or leave me a message, Don't just not show up.  It costs my little tiny business lots of money in lost time and denies someone else a chance to book.  Thanks in advance