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What is Hot Rock Spa Reflexology?

1. Combines the benefits of reflexology with small warmed basalt stones
2. Deeper and more effective treatment to those 3000+ nerve endings
3. Hot stones provide 5 times the relaxation response for most clients
4. Increases circulation and nerve stimuli.
5. Far and above the comfort of conventional reflexology.

Relaxation Reflexology 
for the Agony of De Feet!
(For more information about the benefits of Reflexology
click on the "Reflexology" link above)
It's not a foot massage, it's WAY better.

Since I began providing Reflexology treatments in 2008 I have made more than 3500 pairs of feet happy.  Most of my clients are so completely relaxed that they feel comfortable dozing a little during treatment.  
30-Minute Hot Stone Reflexology    $30.00* 
Your feet are cleansed with warm scented towels followed by gentle stretching techniques and a single course of classic Ingham Reflexive Point Zone-therapy.  Effective and very relaxing.

Purchase a package of 4-30 minute Reflexology Treatments $90. That's a $10 savings and will keep your feet happy and refreshed all year, or, purchase the package for holiday gift giving. (prepaid only).
60-Minutes of Classic Hot Stone  Reflexology  $50.00* 
After cleansing gentle foot stretches and longer duration of Classic Ingham Reflexive Point Zone-therapy on all your feet reflex points.  Hydration and moisture applied as a soothing finish.
Good News For Sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis:
Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot pain for which professional care is sought. My clients have received considerable relief from a series of sessions (combined with faithful observance of their "homework”).  This treatment has helped many people overcome this type of discomfort and might help you too.
Yes, Reflexology is safe for Diabetics.  I use a gentle and effective "finger slide" technique for your delicate skin and decreased sensitivity in your feet. Always check with your primary physician if you have any questions.
Did you know
  • Our feet contain more than 7200 nerve endings?
  • Our feet contain 26 bone, 32 joints, 112 ligaments?
  • Each step we take exerts 100% our body's weight on our feet?
  • Reflexology* for relaxation is a holistic gentle technique using thumb and finger pressure on the reflex points of your feet, hands or ears (Reflexology Association of America). 
  • Reflexology is considered "Energy Work".  It is NOT a foot massage.  It's much better than that! Reflexology induces relaxation. From the moment my hands start your treatment your relaxation begins. Studies have demonstrated this in 2 dozen studies observing electro-encephalogram brain activity during reflexology. 
  • The focus of your treatment is to encourage you to completely relax and let your own body's healing take place. Think of it a a total body and mind "reboot".
Your session
  • No disrobing - only your shoes and socks come off
  • No needles
  • NO pain-
  • Individualized treatment sessions
Reflexology is NOT
  • A foot massage (approx. 5 to 10 lbs. of finger pressure is sufficient)
  • Designed to heal or cure any medical condition - ever
  • Associated with the occult
  • Painful
More relaxation = less stress = more relaxation. At least 8 out of 10 clients fall asleep during their session. An achievement I am proud of! 
Want to learn more about what reflexology is about?
Click on the "Reflexology" heading above for a link.
Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and RELAX!!!
Important Stuff
My Reflexology certification is through the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, Washington,D.C.  
I began my practice in 2008, I stopped keeping track after practicing Reflexology treatments for over 4 years.  No part of my work is ever intended as a substitute for professional medical treatment or advice.
I do not massage, heal pathologies or diagnose illness.  I reserve the right not to perform any treatment or service that, in my opinion might cause, you or me harm.

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