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For Faces:

Solstice Hydrating Facial. $60
A one hour facial.  Cleanse, exfoliate, steamed scented towels, extractions, facial massage all the way to you fingertips followed by a customized natural ingredient masque, hydration and sunscreen. Allow 70 minutes

Equinox Freshening Facial. $35
A half-hour facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, steamed scented towels, LIMITED extractions, customized natural ingredient masque, hydration and sunscreen. Allow 40 minutes

Super Sensitive Facial (For Rosacea and Acneic Skin).  $65
Gentle, soothing, cool and calm just for your face. Cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extensive extractions, soothing, detoxifying  facial massage, followed by cold therapy and high frequency blue light therapy.  Calming masque, serum, sunscreen.  Allow 60 minutes.

The Exfoliating Peel $75
Prior consultation required.   Glycolic, Salicylic or Lactic Acid serum is applied to cleansed face and neck.   This facial will remove dead dull cells with little or no epidermal necrosis (wounding or peeling). Clearing soothing facial massage, Collagen masque, Finished with serum and Sunscreen.  Best results are seen when you receive a series of peels.  Let's talk about how to make the best of your face value

Back-Too-Beauty $45
The fabulous Solstice Facial adapted for your back and shoulders. e Cleanse, Exfoliation, Warm scented towels prepares the skin for gentle extractions.  Skin soothing and hydration massage, soothing clay masque to refine texture, finished with hydrating serum.  Allow 60 minutes. 

Ear Candling* with Sinus Soothing Facial Massage  $25
Tucked in a warm quiet cocoon as lit paraffin cylinders are placed gently in each external ear canal.  Afterward  enjoy gentle pressure point facial massage over your sinus areas to support opening passages.  Please see the information in this website for clarifications, caveats, and cautions. Allow approximately 45 minutes.
*In Nevada it is illegal and unethical to claim medical benefits can be achieved from using ear candles.  These treatments are purely spa treatments intended for relaxation in the spa environment. 

Sixty minute Reflexology Session $60
Cleanse, hydrate, 3 passes of warm stone pressure point energy work over 3600 nerve endings, 26 bones and 112 ligaments and tendons.  Caution, may cause spontaneous uncontrollable napping during your session.  Allow 70 minutes

Thirty-minute Reflexology Session $35
Same treatment with a single pass of warm stones. 

Girl-stache $10 and up
Brows $10 and up add tinting for $10
Lip, brows, chin together, $25
 Full-face wax $35.
Nostrils and ear canal $10.00