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Simple spa etiquette will help you fully enjoy your visit
Spa Etiquette ensures everyone is comfortable while you are visiting a spa. Using common sense and getting a few tips can ensure a great experience.

  • Your appointment is about you. If you would like the music quieter, or if the room is too chilly, please let me know.

  • Please make child care arrangements during your appointment because this is an environment people come to expecting quiet and relaxation. The Spa is not child proof. I love children and want them to be safe.  The spa room is NOT a place for kids. 
  • Great Skin by Cyn's spa space is very compact and contains sharp pokey things, hot items, glass and electric implements that can injure a child in a instant.  Please make child care arrangements with someone while you enjoy your time with me.

  • It's important to arrive a little early. If this is your first visit to the spa, arrive at least 15 minutes early, so that you can fill out paperwork. If this is not your first visit to the spa, arriving 10 minutes early is fine. You may need to get changed, and you also don't want the spa guests after you to have to sit and wait for their appointments because you arrived late.

  • If you arrive very late, you may have to reschedule your appointment or accept a shortened version of your service.
  • I hope you came for the serene environment and to relax during your visit and  Please, if possible, silence your phone during your appointment.It wont bother me but you'll enjoy you session more if you aren't startled out of your spa-snooze by a ring tone. 

Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you

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